Experience heavenly bliss with Amora. Crafted with passion our choco-filled cookies make every bite to remember. Its crumbly texture on the outside gives way to a molten Choco filling that deliciously explodes in the mouth.


Maamoul Cookies are melt-in-your-mouth, Date Filled Cookies. Simple on the outside and has a sweet, flavorful filling of Omani dates on the inside. Maamoul cookies are low in sugar but robust in flavor. They are traditional Middle eastern cookies that are often made to celebrate Eid, the end of Ramadan.


Nankhatai are traditional biscuits similar to shortbread, popular in India, Pakistan and other Asian Markets. Nankhatai range of biscuits are available in 'Fruit N Nuts' and 'Zafran N Cashew' flavors. Nankhatai is deliciously rich, lightly sweet with a crisp, flaky and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Tea-time will be incomplete without Nankhatai by the side.


Crafted with passion our Fillz range of filled cookies make every bite a one to remember. Fillz range of cookies are available in chocolate and strawberry filled cream flavours. Perfectly baked, crumbly texture on the outside gives way to a molten Chocolate or Strawberry cream filling on the inside, that deliciously explodes in the mouth. Fillz is the answer to your cravings - for a fulfilling dessert experience, a sweet snack on the go, or a midnight bite.


Digestive biscuits infused with the goodness of nuts and with added Prebiotic. Nutgestive sugar-free for the conscious eaters and Nutgestive chocolate coated for the chocolate lovers.

Relish ShortBread

Relish ShortBread is a traditional Scottish biscuit with a crumbly texture. These melt-in the mouth cookies are simply delicious.

Big Crunch

Nabil Big Crunch offers a unique textural eating experience. The crispiness and lightness of the wafer blend admirably with soft chocolate and strawberry cream.


From the ever popular Cashew, Pista and Almonds flavours, to the Classic Butter flavour, to the recent-rage Coconut flavour to the exotic Coffee or Ginger flavours, Relish has it all! Add to this, all of Relish comes with the goodness of Oats - so now, eat tasty, and feel healthy!

Kracklite Toasted Chips

Introducing light and fun shaped,crunchy chips,deliciously seasoned with savoury herbs & classic salt.


To continue the legacy of providing a variety of snacks to our loving consumers we have developed. New Super Rings– which is soft on the bite, Along with Specially developed flavors, crafted to provide an explosion of taste

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